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Continuous Pressure-Flow® Cooker

Lyco brought the CONTINUOUS PRESSURE-FLOW® COOKER to market in 2007. In response to customer demand, in 2017 we expanded our laboratory and installed a complete operating system including:

  • A feed conveyor
  • A soak tank
  • A pump line
  • A 30″ Pressure-Flow Cooker
  • Dewatering screen
  • Vibrating dewatering shaker

We have run hundreds of successful tests on dry beans, rice and more. Food processors have always been impressed by our solution:

“The dry beans are pre-soaked for just 2-4 hours. Lyco’s Pressure-Flow Cooker fully cooked our beans in 6 to 8 minutes to IQF Quality. Amazing!”. (Note: Retorting is not required.)

“Rice is cooked to perfection, has the right texture, holds more starch, and saves water”, This will change the industry!”.

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