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Innovative design, extensive application experience and process knowledge of the food industry are built into every Lyco food processing machine. Get more detailed information about our exceptional food processing machinery in these downloadable brochures.

Chill-Flow™ Pouch / Tub Cooler

Cut cooling times in half. The Chill-Flow™ Pouch/Tub cooler uses an innovative rotating drum design which cools twice as fast, in half the lineal footage, of any static or belt designs. It does so gently without container damage producing a safer product. Product passes through the bacterial danger zone of 130°F (54.4°C) to 80°F (26.7°C) in half the time of other conventional belt cooler or static tank designs. Submerged water agitated cooling is more energy efficient than air cooling, water deluge belt or belt freezer designs.

Suggested Applications:
Soup, Sauces Pouched Meals, Dry Beans, Vegetables, Rice, Potatoes, Condiments & Cheese Sauce

Continuous Blanching, Cooling & Cooking

Dramatically improve your production with continuous blanching, cooling and cooking from Lyco.  Our innovative design & energy efficiency will provide a rapid return on your investment. Equipment for a variety of applications excellent ROI with fast, gentle cooking and cooling.

Suggested Applications:
Spinach, Vegetables, Dry Beans, Hummus, Pasta, Rice, Proteins, Meat Processing or Wastewater

Cooling Simulator

We were the first manufacturer to place a Simulator on a skid, fully packaged and delivered to our customer’s plants to develop their own unique processes. This allowed for quick and accurate prediction of precise requirements for their products without having to use a complete production line. This successful service was expanded to Simulators for blanching or cooking in hot water with or without steam heat.

Suggested Applications:
Pasta, Rice, Vegetables, Dry Beans, Lentils, Refried Beans, Potatoes, Raw Lungs and Hearts & Pouched Soups

Double Drum Waste Water Screens

Double Drum Waste Water Screens were first developed at Lyco in the early 1990s. Waste streams most often contain both large solids and fine sand-like particles. Being able to remove both items in one pass dramatically reduces the volume of solids that end up in city or private waste sewage systems. The efficiency of solids removal screening twice in one machine is important. 450 satisfied, repeat customers of our Rotary Drum Waste Water Screens, attests to the value of our designs.

Suggested Applications:
Pasta, Dry Beans, Protein, Vegetables, Rice, Potatoes, Meat Processing & Wastewater

Dry Bean Processing

Lyco specializes in the design and manufacture of cutting-edge, state-of-the-art dry bean processing equipment. Save time, save money and improve product throughput and quality with a modern bean processing system from Lyco.

Suggested Bean Applications:
Soy Beans, Fava Beans, Lima Beans, Navy Beans, Black-Eyed Beans, Pink Beans, Great Northern Beans, Kidney Beans, Black Beans, Pinto Beans & Garbanzo Beans

Available Processes:
Continuous Hydration, Continuous Pressure Cook and Soak/Blanch. Depending on processing methods, finished products can find potential use in canned sauce beans, brined beans, refried beans, hummus, IQF beans, soup mixes or salad bar inclusions.

Family of Screens

Lyco Manufacturing, Inc. has more than 50 years of experience manufacturing food processing machinery and screens. Our focus has always been on innovation to make better, more rugged machine designs with fewer replacement parts. Lyco’s family of screens are widely used across North America.

Suggested Applications:
Pasta, Dry Beans, Proteins, Vegetables, Rice, Potatoes, Meat Processing & Wastewater

Hummus Line-Pressure Flow

Lyco’s numerous design and process innovations have increased production, improved sanitation and provided uniform product results. The best solution for your hummus line is the best dry bean cooker in the world … made by Lyco!

Suggested Bean Applications:
Soy Beans, Navy Beans, Black-Eyed Beans, Lima Beans, Kidney Beans, Black Beans, Pinto Beans & Garbanzo Beans

Iceberg Easy-Flow™ Cooler

Up to 30,000 PPH of product is conveyed into Iceberg Easy-Flow™ Cooler infeed and carried up to the top of the sloped Wedge-Wire Screen. As it mixes with water in transit, heat is pulled out of the product very efficiently. 100°F can be removed in under 10 seconds. Adding a second and third machine in a series can bring many products down to 40°F in less than 30 seconds.

Suggested Applications:
Pasta, Dry Beans, Vegetables, Rice & Potatoes


Lyco Clean-Flow® is designed to work in one or two zone configurations. The Clean-Flow® may pasteurize, blanch, cook or rehydrate in one zone, cool in a second zone or be a stand-alone cooler in a separate machine. Clean-Flow® machines were designed for rapid thorough cleaning and to allow for faster changeover in order to process several different food products per day. The CIP (clean-in-place) cycle is completed in minutes with no or minimal manual involvement.

Suggested Applications:
Pasta, Dry Beans, Vegetables, Rice, Potatoes & Fragile Products

Micro Drum Screen

The Micro Drum Screen system is a advanced liquid/solid separator. It by reduces industrial waste and increases product recovery. The screen’s revolutionary design combines the benefits of wedgewire and wire mesh construction to achieve improved performance of both. The result is an extremely precise, rigid and rugged cylinder.

Suggested Applications:
Pasta, Dry Beans, Proteins, Vegetables, Rice, Potatoes, Meat Processing & Wastewater

Peelers, Washers & Scrubbers

Improve line speed, increase yield, and reduce water usage with our full line of peelers/washers/scrubbers designed for root crops and vegetables. Over the course of our 50 year history we’ve supplied more than 350 peelers, washers & scrubbers to facilities around the country and across the globe.

Suggested Applications:
Pasta, Dry Beans, Proteins, Vegetables, Rice & Potatoes

Poultry Screens

Rugged, precise designs are the hallmark of all Lyco Poultry Screens. Each liquid-solid separation screen has 50 years of food machinery experience built-in, which provides you with exceptional reliability. More than 700 Lyco Rotary Screens are in use today.

Rice Cooker – Pressure Flow
Rotary Blanchers, Cookers, Pasteurizers and Coolers

Lyco Manufacturing, Inc. has over 450 Lyco Rotary Drum Blanchers & Coolers in use worldwide. Rotary Drum Machine Cylinders feature 60″ or 72″ diameter augers covered with perforated “skin sheets” rotating together, half submerged in water. The Product enters and exits through gravity chutes with up to 200 lbs of fragile products gently handled per flight. Precisely controlled retention time and uniform temperatures equals quality.

Suggested Applications:
Spinach, Pasta, Dry Beans, Vegetables, Rice, Soups & Sauces

Rotary Drum Blancher and Coolers

Rotary Drum Blancher and Coolers can operate with indirect heat, steam heated water, or direct steam heat. Our Vapor-Flow® Steam Blancher can switch from steam heat to water heat with the flip of a valve handle.

Suggested Applications:
Pasta, Dry Beans, Vegetables, Rice, Potatoes & Wastewater

Single Drum Screen

Reduce the amount of solids going into city waste and food plant systems. These screens are used after .020 in. waste water screening and can remove 30% more solids and small particles as fine as sand.

Stationary Screens

Lyco’s food processing machinery experience spans 50 years. To date, we have made 600 Rotary Drum Screens and over 400 Stationary Screens. Successful screen installations come from working closely with our customers to arrive at the right size screen with regard to water flow rates, and then using the right size screen spacing for the type of solids to be removed. Screens are also sized for optimum clean-up at the end of the day, if there will be increased flow rates and solids at that time.

Vapor Flow®

The Vapor-Flow® Steam Blancher was first developed in 1999 for a green bean company to reduce water going into the freezer. Vapor-Flow® Steam Blanchers can switch over from water to steam cooking by simply turning a valve and draining water from the tank. Water blanching hydrates products, but steam cooking uses 50% less energy and 90% less water. Steam can also increase recovery by 1% to 4% by leaching out fewer solids and product nutrients.

Water Reuse System

Lyco’s Water Reuse System can save you money, cut cleaning and maintenance time, and reduce consumption of water resources — up to 15 million gallons per year. This revolutionary system removes suspended solids and reuses water from any slaughter process — poultry, red meat or pork — and returns this water back to the main process.

Zero Maintenance

Lyco Manufacturing takes reliability to the next level with its Zero Maintenance Screen design, eliminating trunnion wheels and bearings. The maintenance-free design removes the need for routine lubrication of the bearings. Lyco is known for making the most robust rotary screens in the industry. The company provides a lifetime warranty on its cast stainless steel running rings. With more than 600 screens in operation, not one cast stainless steel ring has failed on its own. As with any machinery, chain and sprocket drive systems still require routine maintenance to ensure optimal performance.