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Lyco has developed the World’s best food processing machinery for cooking and cooling dry beans, vegetables, rice, and pasta. Whether you need to de-flavor, hydrate, steam, cook, or blanch, soy beans, garbanzo beans, split peas, and lentils, Lyco has your solution for plant-based protein processing.

With the use of Lyco’s innovative Hydro-Flow® Agitation, plant-based proteins are perfectly cooked with first-in, first-out continuous uniform heat transfer, increasing texture and yield while reducing water consumption. Additionally, Lyco’s sanitary design reduces clean-up times and speeds up product change-over while reducing labor costs.

Popular applications include:

Hydrating and cooking soybeans for tempeh and tofu, and other alternative-meat sources, in water or steam with Clean-Flow® Blanchers.

De-flavoring garbanzo beans, yellow split peas, and lentils for cooked flours or ingredients with Vapor-Flow® Steam Blanchers.

Pasteurizing and cooling pouched sausages, soups, sauces, and plant-based proteins with Lyco cookers and Chill-Flow™ Pouch Coolers

Plant-based operations will benefit from Lyco’s 50 years of experience making more than 750 water cookers, steam cookers, and pressure cookers knowing that each process is used in this trending industry.


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