War Horse

The entire line of Lyco Scrubbers, Peelers and Washers delivers the industry’s highest recovery with full-length augers. Our industry experience is second to none, with hundreds of units in operation since the 1980s. We focus on low-maintenance drive trains as a technical and financial advantage for our customers. The War Horse is perfect for scrubbing and peeling potatoes (white or sweet), beets, carrots or onions. It also washes apples and pickles. The War Horse can perform after-steam peeling or stand-alone raw peeling. Trust the War Horse for economical, yet reliable performance, whether processing seasonal crops or pulling products year-round from climate-controlled storage.

Bull Jr.

In addition to all the features of the War Horse the Raging Bull Jr. offers “whisper-quiet” sanitary scrubbing and peeling with a reliable electric drive train. The Raging Bull Jr. can perform after-steam peeling or stand-alone raw peeling. Trust Lyco scrubbers, washers and peelers for reliable, high-throughput performance for seasonal crops or product pulled year-round from climate-controlled storage.


Process a wide variety of foods from pasta and dry beans to vegetables within a compact footprint — only 6 feet x 6 feet x 8 feet tall. Pre-cools in seconds ahead of freezing. The Iceberg works on all particulate foods and can handle up to 30,000 pounds per hour.

Rotary Drum Blancher

Since 1985 Lyco Mfg. has been the most innovative company in the food industry. Our blanchers, cookers and coolers are the most advanced, state-of-the-art machines in the world. We’ve increased capacity, reduced process times, and eliminated under-cooking and over-cooking and reduced cooling times by 40% in rotary drum machines. Lyco designs use less energy, less water and produce higher quality in a smaller footprint.

Pasta and Rice can be cooled from 200° to 40°F in less than 30 seconds with our newest EASY-FLOW COOLERS.


Clean-Flow® Blanchers were developed in 2007 to address the need for faster sanitation cleanup time so that prepared meal operations could run many different products in a day. The Clean-Flow in Place System can clean over 98% by itself. All Clean-Flow designs feature Hydro-Flow® agitation, which  guarantees a uniform process. You’re able to achieve a much higher quality product because every food item is individually treated gently. Under- and over-cooking of pasta is eliminated. Losses from sticking and clumping are totally eliminated which increases recovery 10% to 15%  compared to European cook-quench-chill systems or batch kettle systems.

Clean-Flow designs have an auger with a wedge wire screen located underneath the auger from 3:00 to 9:00 o’clock which contains product between the auger flights during operation. For cleaning, the screen is driven by a large gear which rotates it 360° around the auger. Spray manifolds swiftly clean both sides of the screen and auger. Lyco machines are robust and made to very exacting tolerances, which result in very low maintenance, very high reliability and a higher return on investment. It has literally been called the best pasta, rice and vegetable blancher in the world!

Vegetables – Lyco’s Portfolio – Every Design is Innovative

  • Washers for Snap Beans, Spinach, Root Crops, and Fruits.
  • Root Crop Peelers and Scrubbers for canning, beets, carrots, potatoes, potato chips, and French Fries.
  • Blanchers / Cookers for vegetables, dry beans, pasta, rice, and grains.
  • Snap Green or Wax Bean cluster cutters, snippers, and unsnipped bean removers.
  • Pasteurizers and Coolers for pouched food products.
  • The best Wastewater Screens in the world for vegetables because we screen twice in one machine.