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LAD Lift and Dump

LAD Lift and Dump

Lyco Manufacturing continues its tradition of manufacturing innovative food processing machinery with our new Lyco LAD Lift and Dump Systems. Producers can now meter and feed their blanchers and cookers with increased precision. The two-stage “lift and dump” is a floor loading system with an overall height that is adjustable to the ceiling. It offers forklifts for pallet jack loading, adjustable tote hold-down bars, and safety sensors at the loading station.

This accurate and sanitary feed system comes in three hopper sizes: small, medium and large. In addition to the sanitary hopper designs, users will also appreciate the electromagnet even feed conveyor. The systems can handle all short goods and dry pasta shapes as well as an infinite number of particulate food types. The mechanical system offers floor level access, and the controls include an E-stop and lock out tag.

Suggested Applications


  • NEXT GENERATION – Modern clean design
  • SANITARY DESIGN – All T-304 stainless steel
  • HEAVY DUTY – Robust construction throughout
  • QUIET – Electric motor/jackscrew power
  • LOW MAINTENANCE – Runs like a clock
  • NO LEAKAGE – No hydraulics, pumps or motors
  • HINGED SIDE PANELS – East access to clean
  • PERSONNEL SAFETY – Electric eye sensors