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Pressure-Flow Is Changing The Way Dry Beans And Rice Are Processed In America!

We have a fully functional Pressure Cooker in our Lab. Send us your product and see for yourself the quality that comes out. Fully cooked dry beans or perfect white rice!

  • Temperature 200°F to 250°F
  • Presoak, Then Cooks in 6 to 8 minutes
  • Achieves 67% to 71% Moisture Level
  • IQF Quality, Texture, Higher Yields
  • Eliminate Retorting, a Major Savings
  • Millions of Gallons Less Water Used
  • Less Waste and Water to Discharge
  • Major Reduction in Footprint
  • Temperature 200°F to 250°F
  • Cooks Between 5 and 8 Minutes
  • Produces Pure White Rice
  • 10% Yield Improvement
  • Greatly Reduced Damage
  • Major Reduction in Water Usage
  • Less BOD, COD & TKN
  • Major Reduction in Footprint

Suggested Applications

How it Works

Product is fed into the pressure vessel through a rotary valve. Inside the pressure vessel is Lyco’s remarkable Clean-Flow Cooker system which has many benefits, the most important of which is Hydro-Flow® Agitation. Water agitation keeps the product held in suspension and moving which has every particle of food being treated exactly the same. Dry beans can achieve 67% moisture and become fully cooked so retorting is not required. Product is continuously discharged from the pressurized process chamber through a different valve arrangement.


  • A Fully Cooked Product
  • Higher IQF Quality
  • Better Texture
  • Higher Yields
  • 90% Faster Cook
  • Higher Productivity
  • Lower Water Usage
  • Less Waste Water


  • PLC Controlled Process
  • Automated Cleaning/Sanitizing
  • Hydro-Flow Agitation
  • Rugged Reliable Design