The experts in innovative food processing machinery

International Markets

The Founder and Owner of Lyco Manufacturing has been developing innovative food processing machinery for 50 years. We are experienced with vegetables, pasta, rice and dry beans. We’re experts at blanching, atmospheric cooking, continuous pressure cooking, cooling, and cooling pouches of many different liquids.

Our machines are developed in the United States, but have been sold around the world. We have equipment running successfully in Canada, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, and India. In Europe, we have machines in the U.K., Ireland, Scotland, The Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, France, Spain, Austria, and Russia.

Our primary efforts are in Europe because our heating and cooling lines are superior to anything that is offered there. Our rotary drum blancher / cookers operate with steam heat as well as water saving hundreds feet of belts. They are also combination Cookers and Coolers saving space. We also use them for pasteurizing and cooling. Another model cools pouches of soup.

Our latest cooker development is called Clean-Flow® with guaranteed uniform products and clean-up rapidly and have been called “The best machines in the world for cooking, pasta, rice and vegetables”.