The experts in innovative food processing machinery

Find Hidden Revenue in Your Waste Stream

The new Micro Drum Screen® advanced liquid-solid separator removes considerably more solids than standard screen designs. Consequently it reduces industrial waste and increases product recovery.

Aim for Zero

The Clean-Flow® Continuous Water Cooker, Blancher, Cooler is designed to handle fragile food products. Operators experience zero losses running spaghetti and zero over- or under-cooking for uniform product quality with every run.

Better for Business — Better for the Environment

Our Zero Maintenance Screen solves a difficult industry problem — a screen that’s easy to maintain yet fits sustainable business practices. Reduces labor, parts replacement and downtime on potential municipal chargebacks or fines due to cleaner discharge.

Cools Twice as Fast

Swift, safe and smooth. Innovative rotating drum design cools hot dog/sausage packs twice as fast and in half the lineal footage compared to most static or belt systems. Hydro-Flow agitation gently handles product to avoid damage. Double your processing speed and achieve your business goals.

Save Time, Space & Energy

Reduce process time by up to 40 percent. Highly efficient for impressive throughput, the Pressure-Flow continuous blancher is the only rotary drum pressure system in the industry. Low maintenance and easy to operate. Cook a variety of products from dry beans and lentils to rice and more.

World-Class Starts Here

Many promise world class but few can deliver. At Lyco Manufacturing we have a history of designing innovative cooking/cooling equipment for industrial food processors. Our manufacturing process meets the highest quality standards. And we work from a base of extensive application experience and process knowledge of the food industry.

Our passion is developing the best customer-aligned innovative food processing machinery using lean manufacturing principles. The proof of world class is in the performance and the return on investment. We feel confident of both. Give us a call.


Testing & Simulation Lab

Our 5,000-square foot laboratory testing facilities can simulate actual processing conditions for blanching, cooking, pasteurizing and cooling. Send us your product to determine optimal machine size.