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Pasta Processing – A Major Advancement in Technology

Pasta, a consumer staple, is included in many ready-to-eat meal packages and preparations. Traditional old world Batch Basket Cook Quench Chill Systems served their purpose years ago, but are being replaced with more modern continuous systems because they are faster, simpler, easier to clean and produce much higher quality products. Lyco’s 50 years of experience supplying cooking and cooling equipment has allowed them to make better Cook Quench Chill Systems.

We gently handle the most delicate products and have totally eliminated common processing issues such as product sticking together or clumping and the losses they create. Our latest innovations in 2007 are Clean Flow Cookers designed for rapid change-over to different recipes in the same day. They are the front half of our Cook Quench Chill continuous systems.
Following the cooker, Easy Flow Coolers can cool, quench and chill most pasta shapes from 200F down to 40F in under 30 seconds. Lyco’s continuous systems can literally improve recovery by 10 to 15% over kettles and Batch Cook Quench Chill Basket systems. Want to improve your operation and stay ahead of the competition? Your costs will go way down and your quality will go way up. Buy Lyco’s state of the art machinery and you will surge ahead.

We have installations in North America, England, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Austria, Sweden, and Finland. The company in the Netherlands will test other products and provide testimonials as to the machine’s success.

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