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Slaughter – Problems Solved

Keep a tight rein on your BOD (biochemical oxygen demand) and TSS (total suspended solids) levels in discharged water, and find hidden revenue in your wastewater stream. Lyco Manufacturing’s unique double drum screens design has a smaller diameter .080″ screen inside a larger diameter .020″ outer screen. Screening twice in one machine makes it the most effective screen on the market. Whether processing poultry, pork, beef or other animal proteins, our equipment will reduce the load in your wastewater. We have over 600 Double Drum Screens in operation across America and they are known as “The Best Waste Water Screens in the world!”

In addition to our patented double drum screen, we’ve developed another screen called “The Micro Drum” with .008″ openings that removes 30% more solids than the .020″ screen described above.

Saving process water, removing more solids and reusing it again is a major initiative underway across our country at this time. One small 24″ diameter screen handling 200 GPM can save more than $150,000 in water a year reducing water costs, saving on municipal fees or reducing solids going to waste water lagoons. In some cases removed solids can be sold for secondary markets.

Lyco screens are made of wedge-wire because they tend to be self cleaning, but any design can still become plugged. Our patented “Traveling Sprays” uses one Spray Nozzle which covers the complete length of the cylinder and uses much less water than fixed spray manifolds with multiple nozzles.

Lyco screens are the most rugged in the industry. They eliminate the biggest problem that most rotating screens have, that being running ring failures. Lyco started using cast stainless steel running rings in the early 1990’s having made over 600 screens and we have NEVER had a ring fail unless the machine suffered from total neglect.

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