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Clean-Flow® Blanchers for pasta, rice & vegetables called “The best in the world” by Mr. Tops in Belgium.

Easy-Flow™ Continuous Coolers cool most pastas or diced vegetables in 30 seconds or less.

Vapor-Flow® Rotary Drum Steam Blanchers that are 1/4 the size of steam belts and achieve uniform results.

Chill-Flow™ Rotary Drum Pouch Coolers that can cool pizza sauce, soups and more 40% faster than belt coolers.

Pressure-Flow® Continuous Cookers can reduce rice and dry bean cook times from 20 and 45 minutes down to 8 min.

Lyco Rotary Drum Wastewater Screens (.020″) are the most effective in the world with No Fail Running Rings.

Micro Drum Liquid / Solid Separation Screens (.008″) remove 30% more solids than .020″ screens.


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  • Lyco Featured in Portage Daily Register Article

    Lyco was recently featured in an article in the Portage Daily Register. Dawn’s Foods is expanding with the help of new Lyco equipment. We love being part of the continued growth and success of each of our clients.

    Portage Daily Register Article with Lyco

  • Water Reuse System

    Lyco’s Water Reuse System can save money, cut cleaning and maintenance time, and reduce consumption of water resources — up to 15 million gallons per year. This revolutionary system removes suspended solids and reuses water from any slaughter process — poultry or red meat — and returns this water back to the main process. The system’s small footprint makes it ideal for many water reuse applications. A 200 GPM saving can return more than $150,000 a year.

    New Sanitary Zero Maintenance Screens feature covers that open for full access, Clean-In-Place system with spray balls and rapid-change dual canister filters with automated purging.
    Systems are available for 50 gpm – 400 gpm.

  • Clean-Flow Blanchers®

    Clean-Flow® Blanchers / Cookers came to market in 2007 and they are called that because depending upon the product they run, they are cleaned-up in minutes compared to the many hours for competitive designs. This allows faster change-over.

    They are called “The best pasta, rice and vegetable cookers in the world!” because they contain patented water agitation that breaks up heavy dense loads of product and keeps them separated and suspended in motion so each particle of food is treated exactly the same way.

    Spaghetti to filled pastas are uniformly and thoroughly cooked. Sticking and clumping are totally eliminated which increases yield by as much 10-15% compared batch cook-quench-chill systems or older rotary drum blancher designs. They are used in our continuous (not batch) Cook / Quench / Chill system which is far superior to batch systems.

    Clean-Flow® Blanchers save labor, water, energy and reduce maintenance cost to nearly zero — after years of running.

    We make 30″, 40″, 50″ and 60″ diameter models. CONTACT US to run your products in our Laboratory and we’ll show you what perfect quality looks like!