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Dry Beans

Acreage for dry beans continues to expand in the U.S. In particular, more acreage for dry edible peas and chickpeas is being planted, reflecting strong demand for new products like Hummus. Beans are a convenient, nutritious food consumed worldwide. Processing factors that influence the quality and nutritional value of canned beans in particular include machinery grading and cleaning, washing, soaking, blanching, and bringing. The industry must contend with tight profit margins, however, and processors require a manufacturing firm with the depth of experience and most modern and efficient machine designs to ensure the best possible return on investment. The owner of Lyco Mfg. has been involved with continuous dry bean processing for over 50 years. Lyco has been a leading innovator of new state-of-the-art improvements in the industry for many decades.

Our equipment reduces the time needed for processing and controls moisture more precisely, for better quality beans. In addition, our atmospheric continuous processing equipment has a throughput of 6,000 to 15,000 pounds of dry beans per hour, depending on product type. Call us for a demonstration to see your product running in our Laboratory.

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