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External-Flow Screen

External-Flow Screen


Lyco Manufacturing has more than 50 years of industry-leading experience manufacturing screens and other food processing equipment. We have an outstanding reputation for manufacturing innovative, rugged machinery, used by 50 of the top 100 food companies in North America. The state-of-the-art design of the Lyco External-Flow Screen uses the same advanced technology and precision manufacturing to help our customers improve their operations.

Suggested Applications

How it Works

Raw influent enters the headbox which distributes water and solids across the screen. As the drum rotates, it pulls solids to the outside of the screen where a blade removes the solids. The water is screened as it passes through, and cascades down the inside of the drum, creating backwash. The backwash, inner spray header, and internal flights work in tandem to self-clean the drum.


  • Lyco has over 1,800 screens used in the food & beverage industries
  • Proven rugged, low-maintenance construction
  • Doctor blade helps reduce blinding
  • Lower BOD, TSS, and TKN with reduced hauling costs and higher recovery
  • Uses less chemicals in post-water treatments
  • Control panel option for easy startup
  • Cleanout ports for easy sanitation
  • Continuous internally-reinforced drum for precise roundness
  • TEFC variable heavy-duty Nord Gear drive
  • Optional solenoid valve


  • Doctor blade for cleaning screen
  • Wedgewire screen construction is less apt to plug
  • Headbox with over-flow protection