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The difference between blanching and cooking is Time and Temperature. Blanching of vegetables is generally done in less than five  minutes at a temperature around 200°F. Cooking items like pasta, rice or potatoes can be ten to thirty minutes and around 200°F. Lyco Mfg. has led the field with truly innovative concepts for decades with:

  • Increased cylinder diameters 48″, 60″, and 72″
  • Longer cylinders going from 16′ in length to 28′
  • Agitation that guarantees uniform results
  • Agitation that materially increases throughput
  • Making water blanchers that also steam blanch
  • Removable doors for cylinder access
  • Clean in Place Cylinder Skin Sheets for USDA
  • Special cylinders to run Quinoa and Wild Rice
  • Running pasta they increase recovery by 15%
  • Improved Sanitary cylinder and tank designs
  • Improved steam venting systems
  • Reduced energy steam distribution systems
  • Combination Cooker / Coolers
  • Pasteurizers for pouched products like soup
  • Coolers for pouched products or small tubs
  • Easy-Flow Coolers cool products in seconds

Our latest and extremely successful development is a Continuous Pressure Cooker for Dry Beans, Rice and Vegetables. Benefits of cooking under pressure include: Higher Quality / Texture, Fully cooked IQF Quality, Higher Yields, a 90% saving of water usage, a significant reduction in waste water, a 90% reduction in cooking time, and savings in labor and increased productivity.

  • Clean-Flow®

    Clean-Flow® Blanchers were developed in 2007 to address the need for faster sanitation cleanup time so that prepared meal operations could run many different products in a day. All of our Clean-Flow designs feature Hydro-Flow® agitation, which  guarantees a uniform process. You’re able to achieve a much higher quality product because every food item receives the same treatment. Under and over-cooking of pasta is eliminated. Losses from sticking and clumping are totally eliminated which  increases recovery 10% to 15%  compared to European cook-quench-chill systems.

    Clean-Flow designs have an auger with a wedge wire screen underneath the auger located between 3:00 and 9:00 o’clock which contains product between the auger flights. For cleaning, the screen is driven by a large gear which rotates it 360° exposing the inside and outside as the auger turns at the same time. Spray manifolds swiftly clean the screen and auger. Lyco has Clean-Flow machines in North America, England, Ireleand, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Spain, Sweden and Finland. This design has been called “The best pasta and rice cooker in the world!”

    Lyco designed a revolutionary method of cooling called “Easy-Flow” which follows behind the Blancher. This machine cools most pasta shapes bringing the temperature down from 200° to 40°F in less than 30 seconds. That is productivity.

  • Pressure-Flow® Changes The Way Dry Beans And Rice Are Being Processed — It’s A Game Changer

    We have a fully functional Pressure Cooker in our Lab. Send us your product and see for yourself the quality that comes out. Fully cooked dry beans or perfect white rice!

    • Temperature 200°F to 250°F
    • Presoak, Then Cooks in 6 to 8 minutes
    • Achieves 67% to 71% Moisture Level
    • IQF Quality, Texture, Higher Yields
    • Eliminate Retorting, a Major Savings
    • Millions of Gallons Less Water Used
    • Less Waste and Water to Discharge
    • Major Reduction in Footprint
    • Temperature 200°F to 250°F
    • Cooks Between 5 and 8 Minutes
    • Produces Pure White Rice
    • 10% Yield Improvement
    • Greatly Reduced Damage
    • Major Reduction in Water Usage
    • Less BOD, COD & TKN
    • Major Reduction in Footprint