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Chill-Flow™ Pouch Cooler

Chill-Flow™ Pouch Cooler


The Chill-Flow™ Pouch Cooler is also a variation of our blancher/cooker/cooler designs first created 28 years ago for cooling vegetables. Today they are used for cooling many different pouch sizes of food such as fruit fillings, sauces, pizza sauce, chowder, and soups.

Suggested Applications

How it Works

The open throat, water-cushioned entry design of the Chill-Flow keeps pouches safely intact while being cooled. As they proceed through the rotary drum cooler, the pouches/tubs are totally submerged in water, then gently stirred and massaged using proprietary Hydro-Flow technology. This method ensures product is quickly cooled all the way through to the center of the package. Larger pouches exit the machine
via a belt and smaller ones through a discharge chute.


  • Eliminates pouch/product damage
  • Cools thoroughly and uniformly
  • Improves quality and shelf life
  • Uses less energy than other systems
  • Cools more rapidly than other systems
  • Conserves water
  • Versatile package handling


  • Gentle Hydro-Flow® water agitation
  • Can achieve 40°F temperature
  • Smaller footprint
  • Requires half the floor space