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32 in. Diameter

Lyco’s Intermediate Snippers are gentler than 48″ machines and decrease product losses from bruising while improving overall efficiency. Process 2,000 – 3,000 PPH depending on your application.

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• Capacity – 2,000 to 3000 PPH
• Soft edged internal baffles reduce damage
• 630 Lyco straight slot 13-5″/64″ openings drop more trash than wavy pockets
• 68 stainless steel Lyco Vee Knives in 6 rows – more knives mean greater efficiency
Unbreakable stainless steel knife holders never fail
• Brush option – maintains efficiency capacity at 2,000 to 3000 PPH

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Lyco Intermediate Snipper and UBR
Lyco intermediate snippers and UBR’s are high capacity snippers and un-snipped bean removers for the fresh green bean industry for handling 2500 PPH with 95-98% snipping efficiency.
Lyco Snap Beans Machinery Detailer
Lyco was founded in 1980 by the owner and Chairman of the Board, David R. Zittel, who has had over 50 years experience in food processing. Lyco prides itself in the longevity of its associates and is measured with many decades of experience with food processing machinery. We’re located in a community of 5,000 people which is 25 miles northeast of Madison, WI, a perfect area to raise a family.

Lyco’s enjoyment and passion is developing the best customer-aligned, innovative food processing machinery in the world.