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"We partnered with Lyco because of its expertise with food processing and, especially, with pouch cooling. Lyco has an R&D facility within its manufacturing plant that allows test runs of a food processor's actual pouched products through its coolers. As engineers, we appreciate the process-specific metrics they are able to provide after running tests. It greatly helps us to optimize systems specific to each company."

Gene Scherr | President
Sharpe Engineering & Equipment LLC

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“With this Sanitary Zero-Maintenance Screen and Secondary Self-Purging Dual-Cannister Filtration system alone, we are saving 220 GPM of water. That is 1.2 million gallons of water saved weekly, and more than 62 million gallons saved over 12 months. Lyco has proven to us that their equipment is the best in the industry for poultry liquid-solids separation and water reuse.”
Matt Schoup | VP Operations

“A lot of other screen designs let material go through because they don’t have the ability to manage it, particularly when it gets into high volume quantities of material going through. This is not the case with the Lyco Double Drum. It can handle anything we put through it, regardless of the GPM (gallons per minute) or particulate load.”

“I have been around a lot of screens used in the poultry industry and have experienced their external and internal problems firsthand. I look for screening equipment that is heavy duty, durable, engineered to be user friendly, tool friendly and mechanic friendly. I want to be able to set it up and have it run with minimal maintenance. We have literally loaded the Double Drum with thousands of pounds of product at different times and it has performed without any problems. Our need has been to get our heavily laden particulate out of the wastewater before we discharge it to the municipal system. The Lyco screen manages that for us, particularly with TSS, which ultimately returns thousands of dollars back to us each month.”

Mike DeVries | Plant Engineer
Michigan Turkey Producers
“The net result from using two screens is that more organic solids are screened out of the wastewater, which not only increases content for rendering, it decreases the amount of chemicals required for wastewater treatment.

When it came time recently to investigate screens for our plant we looked at a number of different options, but these single-rotary-drum Lyco screens are very robust, and are very well constructed. Consequently, we felt they were the best choice for our plant’s processing operations."
Phil Miller | Engineering Manager

“We researched and did test runs with a number of different cook-and-cool systems. Our decision was to select a continuous combination rotary drum from Lyco Manufacturing.”

Michael Savignano, Jr. | VP Director of Sales & Marketing
Andrea Foods

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