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Fruits can be minimally processed for close to immediate consumption or further processed for inclusion in snack bars, cereals, baby foods, drinks, baked goods or as ingredients for prepared meals, sauces and side dishes. Any type of fruit that requires even minimal processing, requires a system that will preserve product quality. Whether processed immediately after harvesting or sent into the cycle from climate-controlled cold storage, Lyco washers, peelers and scrubbers help preserve fruit quality and create less waste than other systems.

In addition to equipment for washing, scrubbing and peeling, Lyco Manufacturing can supply wastewater treatment systems that help capture solids from further processing, for reuse in a secondary product stream and to help reduce municipal charge-backs. Our wastewater screens (.020″ openings) are known to be the best in North America. Our latest development following the wastewater screen is called a Micro Drum Screen that screens down to .008″ which removes 30% more waste than the .020″ screen. We have test units that can show that improvement.

  • Blueberries

  • Cherries

  • Cranberries

  • Grapes