The experts in innovative food processing machinery

Our Story

The Experts in Innovative Food Processing Machinery

Lyco Manufacturing is a world-leading manufacturer of commercial cooking and cooling machines (750 sold), liquid-solid separation screens (1,100 sold), root crop peelers / scrubbers (350 sold), and snap bean equipment (hundreds of machines sold). We work with pasta, rice, dry beans and vegetables. We are the most innovative company in our field having created hundreds of new machines. Our customers include 50 of the Top 100 Food Companies in North America along with many smaller companies. Many of our cookers, coolers and screens are recognized, literally, as the best in the world.

We have a Laboratory where we test run each new machine we make. Customers send us their raw products and visit us to observe how our designs work on their products. We routinely help them develop new processes and new recipes. Lyco developed the only continuous pressure cooker in the world 10 years ago for cooking dry beans and rice. We have an actual production line set up in our Lab and can demonstrate how dry bean cook times can be reduced from 40 minutes to 6 or 8 minutes and enhanced quality in several different ways. Rice cook times are reduced from 20 minutes down to 6 or 8 minutes.

Our atmospheric blanchers, cookers and coolers are all state of the art designs that have increased capacity, improved product quality and reduced damage with sanitary designs that clean up faster than competitive designs. We have the latest designs set up in our Lab most of the time.


Lyco was founded in 1980 by the owner and Chairman of the Board, David R. Zittel, who has had over 50 years experience in food processing. Lyco employee longevity is measured in decades and they have over 850 years of food processing and manufacturing experience. We’re located in a community of 5,000 people which is only 25 miles northeast of Madison, WI, a perfect area to raise a family.


Lyco’s enjoyment and passion is developing the best customer-aligned, innovative food processing machinery in the world.