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Sanitary Zero Maintenance Screen

Sanitary Zero Maintenance Screen


Lyco Manufacturing takes reliability to the next level with its Sanitary Zero Maintenance Screen design, eliminating trunnion wheels and bearings. The maintenance-free design removes the need for routine lubrication of the bearings. Lyco is known for making the most robust rotary screens in the industry.  As with any machinery, chain and sprocket drive systems still require routine lubrication to ensure optimal performance.

Suggested Applications

How it Works

The Sanitary Zero Maintenance Screen revolutionizes the screening process by eliminating trunnion wheels and bearings for a maintenance-free design. Effluent enters the drum and as the drum rotates, the suspended particles first are fed into the inner drum, which screens down to .080 inches. Then smaller particles pass through to the finer .020 inch outer screen. Removing larger particles first makes finer particle removal more effective. Major solids then exit the drum.


  • Simple screen and unibody design for long-lasting, trouble-free unit
  • Cleaner discharge
  • Saves labor costs
  • Thermoplastic main bearings eliminate lubricants
  • Clean-in-Place systems stop blinding
  • Reduces level of solids, fats, oils, BOD and TSS
  • Lowers chemical usage in post water treatment
  • Cuts industrial waste and creates a secondary revenue stream


  • 2 - 6 in. (15.24 cm) active filters
  • Wedgewire screen, round hole perforation, and wire mesh screen options
  • .010 in. (.25 mm) to .030 in. (.76 mm) screen openings
  • Rapid filter change options
  • Auto pressure purge option
  • Change plugged filters on the fly
  • PLC controls optional