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Easy-Flow, The High-Speed Particulate Cooler

Lyco has revolutionized cooling particulate food items with a new design called Easy-Flow™ cooler. Traditionally certain pasta product took 12 minutes to cook, but they could be cooled to 40F in 6 minutes,This machine is made in a single, 2, 3, and 4 zones. Each zone submerges and mixes product in cold well water (55°F.) or chilled (33°F.) water where it rapidly discharges heat. The machine will handle any particulate food shapes. The first stage can cool most products from 200°F to below 70°F in under 10 seconds. A second stage cools product to 55°F, and the third stage brings product temperature down to 40°F or below. This is a tremendous improvement in food safety and productivity.

Suggested Applications

How it Works

Product enters into the cooler in-feed hopper at temperatures between 180 and 200°F. where it is pulled into a damage free venturi action water plenum and mixed with cold water where the heat begins to be removed. It then travels up to a dewatering screen before it moves to the second and third stage of cooling where more heat is removed in each step. One stage of cooling may be used to just “stop the cook.” After the three stages of cooling most products like pasta, rice or vegetables cools down to a final temperature of 40°F. or less in under 30 seconds. Older methods of cooling generally take 5 to 10 minutes to cool so the Easy- Flow Cooler provides a tremendous increase in productivity.



  • Rapid cooling in a small footprint
  • Cooling times are dramatically lower
  • Consistent, uniform results
  • Stage one water can be reused as preheated cooker makeup water


  • Run capacities up to 5,000 pound per hour (PPH)
  • Removable wedge-wire dewatering sections
  • Open, sanitary, easy-to-clean design