The experts in innovative food processing machinery

Our Story

The Experts in Innovative Food Processing Machinery

Lyco Manufacturing is a world-leading manufacturer of commercial cooking and cooling machines, liquid-solid separation screens, root crop peelers / scrubbers, and snap bean equipment. Throughout our departments and locations, our personnel have extensive experience and knowledge in the food processing industry. We are focused on helping our customers solve their PROBLEMS and increase their return-on-investment (ROI) through innovation and research. We have a laboratory where we test run our new machine designs, help our customers determine new recipes and demonstrate how our machines perform running their products.

Our various food processing equipment machines are on the job with 50 of the Top 100 Processors in North America, hundreds of smaller companies and in many countries around the world.


Founded in 1980 by the owner and Chairman of the Board, David R. Zittel, who has 50 years experience in food processing Lyco Manufacturing, Inc. is housed in a state-of-the-art, 80,000 square-foot facility located in Columbus, WI (30 miles northeast of Madison, WI, USA).



Lyco’s enjoyment and passion is developing the best customer-aligned, innovative food processing machinery in the world.