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What’s New

  • Clean-Flow® Blanchers for pasta, rice, & vegetables called “The best in the world” by Mr. Tops in Belgium.
  • Vapor-Flow® Rotary Drum Steam Blanchers that outperform steam belts and achieve a uniform cook.
  • Chill-Flow™ Rotary Drum Pouch Coolers that can cool to 40°F in half the time without damage.
  • Revolutionary Easy-Flow™ Particulate Food Coolers that cool most products in seconds, not minutes.
  • Pressure-Flow® Continuous Cooker which is ideal for speeding up longer cook time dry bean products.
  • Double Drum Wastewater Screens that solve a major problem with running rings that never fail.
  • Micro-Drum Liquid Solid Separation Screens that remove far more solids than existing screens.
  • Clean-Flow Blanchers®

    Lyco first developed their Clean-Flow® Blanchers in 2007. The 40″ and 50″ diameter sizes have gained in popularity and reputation. They are known as “The best pasta, rice and vegetable cookers in the world!” for four reasons:

    1. Clean-Flow Blanchers make consistently perfect quality pasta items of all shapes — from spaghetti to filled pastas.
    2. Clean-Flow Blanchers drastically increase yield by 10-15% compared to older designs or batch cook-quench-chill systems.
    3. Clean-Flow Blanchers are 98% self-cleaning with cleaning times reduced to minutes for most applications.
    4. Clean-Flow Blanchers save energy and reduce maintenance cost to nearly zero — even after ten years of running.

    In 2017, we designed a 30″ Model for smaller 1,500 PPH lines. CONTACT US to run your products in our laboratory and demonstrate to you perfect quality.

  • Continuous Pressure-Flow® Cooker

    Lyco brought the CONTINUOUS PRESSURE-FLOW® COOKER to market in 2007. In response to customer demand, in 2017 we expanded our laboratory and installed a complete operating system including:

    • A feed conveyor
    • A soak tank
    • A pump line
    • A 30″ Pressure-Flow Cooker
    • Dewatering screen
    • Vibrating dewatering shaker

    We have run hundreds of successful tests on dry beans, rice and more. Food processors have always been impressed by our solution:

    “The dry beans are pre-soaked for just 2-4 hours. Lyco’s Pressure-Flow Cooker fully cooked our beans in 6 to 8 minutes to IQF Quality. Amazing!”. (Note: Retorting is not required.)

    “Rice is cooked to perfection, has the right texture, holds more starch, and saves water”, This will change the industry!”.

    CONTACT US to run your products in our laboratory and demonstrate the dramatic difference to you.

  • International Markets

    The Founder and Owner of Lyco Manufacturing has been developing innovative food processing machinery for 50 years. We are experienced with vegetables, pasta, rice, and dry beans. We’re experts at blanching, atmospheric cooking, continuous pressure cooking, cooling, and cooling pouches of liquids like soups.

    Our machines are developed in the United States, but have been sold around the world. We have equipment running successfully in Canada, Mexico, Ecuador, Guatemala, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, and India. In Europe, we have machines in the U.K., Ireland, Scotland, The Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, France, Spain, Austria, Russia and the Dominican Republic.

    Our primary international efforts are directed toward Europe and our heating and cooling line of equipment, mainly because they are truly new, innovative and the best products in the world for food processors.