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What’s New

  • Clean-Flow® Blanchers for pasta, rice, & vegetables called “The best in the world” by Mr. Tops in Belgium.
  • Vapor-Flow® Rotary Drum Steam Blanchers that outperform steam belts and achieve a uniform cook.
  • Chill-Flow™ Rotary Drum Pouch Coolers that can cool to 40°F in half the time without damage.
  • Revolutionary Easy-Flow™ Particulate Food Coolers that cool most products in seconds, not minutes.
  • Pressure-Flow® Continuous Cooker which is ideal for speeding up longer cook time dry bean products.
  • Double Drum Wastewater Screens that solve a major problem with running rings that never fail.
  • Micro-Drum Liquid Solid Separation Screens that remove far more solids than existing screens.

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