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Versatile System Uses Water or Steam

This two-in-one rotary blanching unit allows the operator to harness the power of either steam or water for high-capacity throughput in a small footprint — up to 50 percent less than the space required for most belt systems. Implement changeover from steam to water with the flip of a valve. Our rotary system cools product more efficiently and guarantees greater product consistency for each run.

Suggested Applications

How it Works

Product moves in a continuous stream into the in-feed flume. Then product is transported through the cylinder for a retention time that will vary, according to the type of vegetable being processed and/or your internal specifications. We leverage our intimate knowledge of blanching equipment coupled with design expertise to calculate steam injection points that meet the exact heat load demanded by your application. This process ensures a thorough blanching. Reap the benefits of a precisely engineered system designed to produce a quality, uniformly heated product with less damage and waste.



  • Increase recovery 1.5 percent
  • Smaller footprint than conventional belt cookers
  • Reduce energy consumption with our steam option — uses 50 percent less water


  • 2-in-1 blanching — select steam or water
  • Rapid changeover with the flip of a valve
  • High capacity throughput in less floor space
  • Easy to clean
  • Gentle stirring
  • First-in/first-out product stream guarantees uniformity, unlike belt systems