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Screw Press


Extract more water with a Screw Press from Lyco Manufacturing. Reduce the weight and volume of transported materials to save time and energy. Or use inline after a water jet deboner in poultry operations to eliminate excess water. Combine the Screw Press with any Lyco wastewater screen for greater water reduction.

Suggested Applications

How it Works

Prescreened solids enter via the in-feed hopper. An auger smoothly moves solids to the compression section. Water is squeezed out of the solids through replaceable screens. Water then exits through the bottom of the press. Dewatered solids exit through the end of the press. Dryness is controlled by the amount of weight at the gate by the discharge.


  • Reduces weight of solids
  • Drastically reduces disposal costs
  • Easy to disassemble and clean
  • Low maintenance (no screw bearings on discharge end)
  • Potential for 50% reduction of moisture content of screened food
  • Minimal floor space required


  • Simple, robust design
  • Uses off-the-shelf replacement parts