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Plant Based Protein Needs

Lyco offers a wide range of machinery for the plant-based protein market.  Whether you need to de-flavor, hydrate, steam, cook, blanch, or pressure cook in steam or water Lyco has the solution for soybeans, dry peas such as split yellow peas, Chickpeas/Garbanzo beans, lentils, and dry beans such as Navy, Pinto, Kidney.  Contact Lyco for your processing solutions and visit our in-house full-scale laboratory and run your product here at Lyco.

60” x 13’ Clean-Flow Continuous Water Cooker


Meet the newest member of the Clean-Flow® family of continuous water cooker-coolers, designed especially for high volumes of pasta, rice and vegetables.

We’re excited to offer a new 60″ x 13′ Clean-Flow® that doubles the capacity of current models to 12,000 PPH of pasta in 12 minutes.  This new model features all of the impressive Clean-Flow features in a much larger capacity.  Save time, energy, and enjoy zero clumping with 15% higher recovery.  This machine is also 95% self-cleaning for fast changeovers.

Sanitary Zero Maintenance Screen

Better for Business — Better for the Environment

Lyco Manufacturing takes reliability to the next level with our SANITARY ZERO MAINTENANCE SCREEN design, eliminating trunnion wheels and bearings.

Save Time, Space & Energy

PROBLEM: Atmospheric cooking takes time.

Pressure Processing reduces that time. Lyco’s Pressure-Flow® can reduce process time of most dry bean varieties by up to 90 percent and is the only system of this type in the world. It handles lentils, rice & much more. Some bean varieties can be fully cooked without retorting – increasing productivity.

Cools Twice as Fast

PROBLEM: Much cooling of food products has historically been done in tanks, on horizontal belts or spiral belts all of which take more time to cool than necessary. Belts are expensive to replace.

Lyco’s innovative rotating cylinder design never needs replacing and can pasteurize or cool pouched foods, hot dogs or sausages packs in half the time of static or belt systems without damage.

Aim for Zero

Clean-Flow® Continuous Water Cooker-Coolers handle pasta, rice and vegetables. Problems solved over kettles or batch CQC units:

  • Zero Sticking
  • Zero Clumping
  • 15% Higher Recovery
  • Uniform Cooking
  • Use Less Water
  • Lower Maintenance

Rated the best pasta, rice and vegetable cooker in the world by Mr. Tops in Belgium.

Find Hidden Revenue in Your Waste Stream

The new Micro Drum Screen advanced liquid-solid separator removes considerably more solids than standard screen designs. Consequently cleaner water is returned to our environment.

Testing & Simulation Lab

Our 5,000-square foot laboratory testing facilities can simulate actual processing conditions for blanching, cooking, pasteurizing and cooling. Send us your product to determine optimal machine size.

World-Class Starts Here

Many promise world class but few can deliver. At Lyco Manufacturing we have a history of designing innovative cooking/cooling equipment for industrial food processors. Our manufacturing process meets the highest quality standards. And we work from a base of extensive application experience and process knowledge of the food industry.

Our passion is developing the best customer-aligned innovative food processing machinery using lean manufacturing principles. The proof of world class is in the performance and the return on investment. We feel confident of both. Give us a call.