Lyco Peelers – Abrasive Peeling Potatoes

French Fry Liquid Solids Separating and Peeling

Pet Food Wastewater Screens

Lyco internal and external fed screens are ideal for total screening plant wastewater from pet food processing plants.

Rendering – Oil Separation

Lyco sealed drum is ideal after rendering cookers for separating oil from crax. We offer (4) different size units for handling 15,000 to 45,000 PPH. This design is ideal for oil recovery, heat and odor control.

Wastewater Screens – Pork Slaughter-Harvest Plants

Lyco External Flow Screen is the most efficient & reliable screen for total plant wastewater.

Water Reuse – Sanitary Zero Maintenance

Wastewater Screens – Pork Slaughter-Harvest Plants

Wastewater Screens – Pet Food

Wastewater Screens – Offal, Raisins, Vegetables

Wastewater Screens – Liquid Solid Separation