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Pet Food

As the dynamics of pet ownership evolve and animal companions become more humanized, their nutritional needs remain unique to their individual species. As such, rendered fats and proteins and the nutrition they supply suit the needs of dogs and cats in particular. Good manufacturing practices translate into fine quality feed ingredients for the pet food market for kibble manufacture and other types of foods and treats. In this instance, renderers play critical roles turning what might be unwanted byproducts from the food stream into value-added ingredients for pet food and feed processors. Traditional pork, chicken or beef to lamb, turkey, salmon or other types of fish can help supply the raw material for a beneficial and profitable pet food ingredient line. It is critical to screen out foreign objects and capture the right solids to create safe and nutritious products that will also help capture the most available revenue from your plant’s stream of byproducts.

Lyco Manufacturing supplies screens built with rugged durability and designed for precision and safe capture of solids down to 0.020 inches. All of our equipment is manufactured to meet the highest standards for performance, quality, safety and return on investment. Call us for a demonstration.

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