Pressure-Flow® Changes The Way Dry Beans And Rice Are Being Processed — It’s A Game Changer

We have a fully functional Pressure Cooker in our Lab. Send us your product and see for yourself the quality that comes out. Fully cooked dry beans or perfect white rice!

  • Temperature 200°F to 250°F
  • Presoak, Then Cooks in 6 to 8 minutes
  • Achieves 67% to 71% Moisture Level
  • IQF Quality, Texture, Higher Yields
  • Eliminate Retorting, a Major Savings
  • Millions of Gallons Less Water Used
  • Less Waste and Water to Discharge
  • Major Reduction in Footprint
  • Temperature 200°F to 250°F
  • Cooks Between 5 and 8 Minutes
  • Produces Pure White Rice
  • 10% Yield Improvement
  • Greatly Reduced Damage
  • Major Reduction in Water Usage
  • Less BOD, COD & TKN
  • Major Reduction in Footprint

Pressure-Flow® Cookers Are Changing the Way Dry Beans and Rice Are Being Processed in the United States! It’s a Game Changer. Visit Us and See It Run!

The Pressure-Flow® machine was specifically designed to hydrate, par-cook or fully cook dry beans, grains and other particulates, offering processors a continuous first-in/first-out pressure cooker.


Combination blancher/cooker-coolers were first designed in 1995 for blanching and cooling pasta, rice and vegetables. The basic process differences between a blancher, cooker or pasteurizer are retention times and operating temperatures. Lyco Cooker-Coolers have the option of doors in the cylinders and clean-in-place manifolds in the cover, the open center flights, and the tank sides. Our combination cooker/coolers have lower maintenance costs and take up much less room than two separate machines and a conveyor in between. The single CIP System cleans both hot and cold zones. Save major floor space with this design.

Micro Drum

Processors can gain significant savings with the Micro Drum Screen system by reducing industrial waste and increasing product recovery. Lyco’s Micro Drum removes particles as small as .008″ – 60% smaller than the .020″ particle removal for typical screens. Test one of our Micro Drums and prove it to yourself.

Single Drum Wastewater Screen

Processors can gain significant savings with our Single Drum Wastewater Screen to help reduce industrial waste and increase product recovery. Efficiently performs liquid/solid separation for red meat, pork, poultry, seafood or vegetables. Wedge-wire screens offer greater cleaning efficiencies, or reduce water requirements with an optional, patented Traveling Spray CIP option. More operators rely on Lyco’s Single Drum Wastewater Screen than any other type. Cast Stainless running rings last forever.

Double Drum Wastewater Screen

Processors can gain significant savings with the Double Drum Screen two-in-one screening system to reduce industrial waste and increase product recovery. The Double Drum screen combines .080″ primary and .020″ secondary screening into one machine. Operators can save space, costs and time by eliminating the need for two single-stage screens. Effective with poultry, vegetables, potatoes, fruit or snack food processing, the Double Drum screen offers durable, rugged construction and an established reputation for successful, reliable use in the industry. Users call this the best wastewater screen in the world.

Stationary Screen

The Lyco Manufacturing Stationary Screen de-waters products, such as beans and vegetables, or can perform rough screening of wastewater. The wastewater function cleans up pea, bean, corn, potato or meat waste. Sanitary construction and a tilt out screen make cleanup a quick process. High-quality craftsmanship guarantees long life and performance.


Process a wide variety of foods from pasta and dry beans to vegetables within a compact footprint — only 6 feet x 6 feet x 8 feet tall. Pre-cools in seconds ahead of freezing. The Iceberg works on all particulate foods and can handle up to 30,000 pounds per hour.

Rotary Drum Blancher

Since 1985 Lyco Mfg. has been the most innovative company in the food industry. Our blanchers, cookers and coolers are the most advanced, state-of-the-art machines in the world. We’ve increased capacity, reduced process times, and eliminated under-cooking and over-cooking and reduced cooling times by 40% in rotary drum machines. Lyco designs use less energy, less water and produce higher quality in a smaller footprint.

Pasta and Rice can be cooled from 200° to 40°F in less than 30 seconds with our newest EASY-FLOW COOLERS.

Dry Beans

Acreage for dry beans continues to expand in the U.S. In particular more acreage for dry edible peas and chickpeas is being planted, reflecting strong demand for new products like Hummus. Beans are a convenient, nutritious food consumed worldwide. Processing factors that influence the quality and nutritional value of canned beans in particular and includes machinery grading and cleaning, washing, soaking, blanching, and brining. The industry must contend with tight profit margins however, and processors require a manufacturing firm with the depth of experience and most modern and efficient machine designs to ensure the best possible return on investment. The owner of Lyco Mfg. has been involved with continuous dry bean processing for over 50 years. Lyco has been a leading innovator of new state of the art improvements in the industry for many decades.

Our equipment reduces the time needed for processing and controls moisture more precisely, for better quality beans. In addition, our atmospheric continuous processing equipment has a throughput of 6,000 to 15,000 pounds of dry beens per hour, depending on product type. Call us for a demonstration to see your product running in our Laboratory.

Our latest development is a continuous pressure cooker which has demonstrated these benefits in actual production:

1) Higher quality 3) Fully cooked IQF quality 5) Uses 90% less water 7) 90% reduction in cook time
2) Better texture 4) Substantially higher yields 6) Less waste water 8) Increased productivity


Pressure processing has proven to be a major leap forward in producing Hummus. We have a dry bean line set up in our laboratory which demonstrates the (8) remarkable improvements mentioned above. If you’re buying canned or IQF beans to make your hummus we can show you an ROI of less than 12 months buying three components, a Feed System, a Pressure-Flow® Cooker and a Cooling System at which point you can make your own recipe for Hummus.