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Clean-Flow® Blanchers were developed in 2007 to address the need for faster sanitation cleanup time so that prepared meal operations could run many different products in a day. The Clean-Flow in Place System can clean over 98% by itself. All Clean-Flow designs feature Hydro-Flow® agitation, which  guarantees a uniform process. You’re able to achieve a much higher quality product because every food item is individually treated gently. Under- and over-cooking of pasta is eliminated. Losses from sticking and clumping are totally eliminated which increases recovery 10% to 15%  compared to European cook-quench-chill systems or batch kettle systems.

Clean-Flow designs have an auger with a wedge wire screen located underneath the auger from 3:00 to 9:00 o’clock which contains product between the auger flights during operation. For cleaning, the screen is driven by a large gear which rotates it 360° around the auger. Spray manifolds swiftly clean both sides of the screen and auger. Lyco machines are robust and made to very exacting tolerances, which result in very low maintenance, very high reliability and a higher return on investment. It has literally been called the best pasta, rice and vegetable blancher in the world!

Suggested Applications

How it Works

Product is fed into the machine by a gravity chute or flume. You can easily adjust the controls to accommodate different products, retention times and temperatures. Products can include particulates like rice, peas, broccoli or seafood. Uniformly processes pasta from short goods such as macaroni, long goods such as spaghetti or filled pastas. You can blanch, cook or rehydrate products including chickpeas, quinoa, dry beans, vegetables, fruit and rice. As product leaves the cook zone, it is picked up by a water plenum discharge, which gently carries it up to a wedge wire screen for dewatering and into a second zone for cooling before exiting the machine.


  • Higher quality products
  • Higher throughput/volume
  • ZERO sticking and clumping of pasta
  • 10 to 15 percent higher recovery


  • Designed for fragile food products
  • Changeover in minutes
  • Main auger and screen self-cleans 360 degrees
  • Water plenum discharge self-cleans