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Rotary Drum Cooker Cooler Increases ROI

Combination blancher/cooker-coolers were first designed in 1995 for blanching and cooling pasta, rice and vegetables. The basic process differences between a blancher, cooker or pasteurizer are retention times and operating temperatures. Lyco Cooker-Coolers have the option of doors in the cylinders and clean-in-place manifolds in the cover, the open center flights, and the tank sides. Our combination cooker/coolers have lower maintenance costs and take up much less room than two separate machines and a conveyor in between. The single CIP System cleans both hot and cold zones. Save major floor space with this design.

Suggested Applications

How it Works

Product is fed into the machine by a chute or water cushioned in-feed flume. The cook zone blanches, cooks or re-hydrates, very gently agitating product as it passes through the machine. Product then transfers to the cool zone and gently discharges from the machine. Lyco’s Hydro-Flow agitation guarantees a uniform and thorough process, contributing to a consistent, quality product.

Rotary Drum


  • Agitation increases capacity by up to 50 percent and reduces losses from pasta clumping by 10 percent
  • Lower equipment maintenance costs due to quality materials and fabrication


  • Trunnion designs eliminate shaft breakage
  • Cylinder designs result in zero leakage