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Unique Heat Recovery Saves Energy

Lyco’s exclusive Thermal-Flow™ system is a two-zone blancher followed by a two-zone cooler. A remarkable amount of heat is removed from the product during cooling and is sent back to the preheat zone of the blancher to reduce energy demands. Similar concepts have been around for decades using one long belt with water deluge blanching on the front half and water deluge cooking on the second half. Belts stretch, fail and are very difficult to clean. They commonly have as many as (22) hydro pumps down the length of the machine. Rotary Drum machines cost less, never wear out, and are easier to clean with a clean in place system. Between up front cost, reducing cleaning time and lower maintenance, Thermal-Flow is the best choice.


Suggested Applications

How it Works

Shown in the rendering is a combination Cooker / Cooker (left) followed by a Cooler / Cooler (right). Product flows from left to right through both. A lot of heat from the cooling process is captured in the first section of the cooler (shown in pink) and is sent to the first section of the cooker (also shown in pink) where it pre-heats the incoming product. This heat saved and reused in this system provides significant energy savings.

The second section of the Cooker (shown in red) is our patented Vapor-Flow design which uses steam heat rather than water. Steam blanching uses less energy than water and leaches out fewer sugars, minerals and vitamins. Blanching with steam also increases recovery by 1.0 to 3.0% or more over water and produces improved, better tasting, quality product.

The gentle agitation of Lyco’s rotary drum designs guarantees uniform results regardless of flow rates.


  • Increase recovery by 1.5% or greater
  • Realize greater than 50% reduction in boiler energy demand
  • Chilled water consumption reduced by 40%