Single Drum Wastewater Screen

Processors can gain significant savings with our Single Drum Wastewater Screen to help reduce industrial waste and increase product recovery. Efficiently performs liquid/solid separation for red meat, pork, poultry, seafood or vegetables. Wedge-wire screens offer greater cleaning efficiencies, or reduce water requirements with an optional, patented Traveling Spray CIP option. More operators rely on Lyco’s Single Drum Wastewater Screen than any other type. Cast Stainless running rings last forever.

Sealed Drum Separator

Sealed drum separator features enclosed construction that contains odors, improves liquid recovery and aids in temperature control. Perfect for rendering operations, this system effectively applies heat to extract moisture and separate fat, producing superior crax to the press versus a perk pan, to create rich, granular meals for animal feed or other industrial use. Drum slot spacing offers solids removal down to 0.020 to help reduce insoluble impurities and avoid clogs in screens, nozzles and other equipment further down the processing line. Captures a greater amount of solids to reduce waste and increase product recovery.

Stationary Screen

The Lyco Manufacturing Stationary Screen de-waters products, such as beans and vegetables, or can perform rough screening of wastewater. The wastewater function cleans up pea, bean, corn, potato or meat waste. Sanitary construction and a tilt out screen make cleanup a quick process. High-quality craftsmanship guarantees long life and performance.

Oil Recovery

Struggling with FOG control? Part of profitable and sustainable business practices for meat processors and sausage or meat-based pizza topping manufacturers is recycling and/or effective disposal of fat, oil and grease. Yet the less FOG released into the municipal wastewater system, the better it is for the environment and for reduction of municipal chargebacks. EPA states in one report that grease from restaurants, homes and industrial sources is the most common cause (47%) of reported blockages in combined sewer and sanitary sewer overflows.

Lyco offers efficient and sanitary designs to separate oil from solids as they discharge from batch or continuous cookers for meat toppings, pizza toppings and much more. Lyco’s Sanitary Zero Maintenance Screen relies on a wedge-wire design to separate solids and fines down to .020 inches in size. A greater amount of solids removal gives cooking oils a longer shelf life. This helps reduce overall costs and improves the production process and return on investment.

Sanitary construction makes clean up a quick and easy process. In addition, the Sanitary Zero Maintenance Screen lives up to its name by eliminating trunnion wheels, springs and bearings to reduce maintenance time and costs.

Increase your oil recovery, improve utilization and trim costs and waste with the Sanitary Zero Maintenance Screen from Lyco Manufacturing.