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EZ Clean Blancher

EZ Clean Blancher

The new EZ Clean 36 x 8 Blancher is ideal for smaller processors who are currently batch cooking and want to upgrade into a continuous cooking process. Batch operations use kettles for blanching and cooking, which use more water because they require draining and filling for heating and cooling.

Continuous cooking delivers higher yields and is repeatable; the uniform heating improves consistency and product quality. The machine’s auger has a starter flight and ending flight to ensure first-in, first-out process control.

The machine’s smaller design is very economical and is ideal for processors who want to reduce labor by moving to continuous processing. It is ideal for short pastas, vegetables, potatoes and low-capacity dry beans.

The unit comes standard with 2 way flip top cover and its open design improves sanitation. Unlike the rotary drum cooker-cooler, the auger is open with no skin sheets. When cleaning, the auger can be raised to allow a gap between the auger and tank. Operators can easily flush out particulates at the end of the day or before product changeovers.

The machine’s simple design has four trunnion wheels, which minimizes maintenance. The control system uses Allen Bradley PLCs, HMIs and VFDs, which guarantees repeatability of end product quality. This also helps reduce water and energy usage.

Suggested Applications


  • Higher yields with better quality and consistency
  • Auger raises off tank floor for easier flushing
  • Smaller footprint and low-maintenance design
  • Improved sanitation and faster, easier changeovers
  • Less sticking and fewer losses from clumping
  • Pasta recovery increase 5-10%
  • Minimizes undercooking and overcooking
  • Reduced water and energy usage